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IDS Integrating For Dealers In Social Media Market.
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We have been very pleased with our marketing development, web traffic, and increased sales due to the unique management solutions of IDS.  
Atlanta, GA
Working with IDS has been a wonderful experience and pleasurable one also. We are excited to be doing business with you and can not say enough. Thank You.
-Las Vegas, NV
My company would like to express our total satisfaction with IDS. We are now selling 15 more cars a month, and don’t want you to change anything.
-Omaha, NE
Thank you IDS for your outstanding professionalism, and great work. Steven serves as a great individual and represents your very company well. We look forward to working with him for a very long time.
-Philadelphia, PA
Thank you IDS for all of your expertise, courtesy, and over the phone support in helping us ramp up our online exposure, and increasing our automotive resources that helps our company remain valuable to our customers.
-Gainesville, FL
I am truly glad we went with your company. Our sales have been off the charts! I can truly say that I would recommend IDS to any dealership that wants to improve their bottom line and sell more vehicles.
-Tuscon, AZ
Our team has never had such a knowledgable and outgoing support team help us out as much as IDS has been involved in our business.  
Hattiesburg, MS
The employees at IDS have always been on top of things.The company is always looking at ways to improve and add services in order to help their clients sell more cars.
-Eugene, OR
Thank you for providing a much needed service for the entire auto industry including us. We’ll be sending you more referrals soon, just treat them as well as you treat us. Thank You IDS.
-Sioux City, IA
Our aggressive marketing strategy fueled by our relationship with IDS has led to overwhelming internet sales, and a huge increase in lot traffic. People praise the easiness of our website everyday, Thank You IDS.
-Port Arthur, TX
Your products have brought profitable changes in our organization so much we are forever grateful and look forward to a long relationship with IDS.
-Richmond, CA
Everyone at my company greatly appreciates all of you there at IDS and look forward to a long term relationship with you. You are an excellent company!
-Detroit, MI
IDS has assisted well in knowledgeable hosting resources that helped our software developers download the right type of data.
Downloading files from the IDS platform, has been nothing but blessing from heaven for us. We can’t believe we were skeptical as long as we were until we gave them a shot. Thank you for your persistence IDS it served well for us.
Montgomery, AL
I was always intimated by the computer and the whole internet thing. IDS has made it very simple for me to increase my traffic tremendously, which in return gave my business more sales.
Heritage, TN
With the IDS system we were able to free up more of our time away from advertising our autos on multiple website. Since we joined with IDS our cars remain updated all from one place. Thank You IDS.
Miami, FL
I chose IDS before I started my business, I’m glad I had a company like IDS before I started or things would probably not be as good as it is today. Thank You.
Baton Rogue, LA
IDS bugged me until I signed up, which I humbly say it was a long awaited mistake for not signing up earlier. Things have taken off better with IDS than without them.
Snellville, GA
IDS, Please help me hire more sales people because we have tons of traffic at our business since you began working with us.  
Houston, TX
I found your support to be outstanding. The programs, ideas, and responsiveness to the needs of our dealership have enhanced our business tremendously.
-Columbus, OH
I just wanted to send you a note that I am very pleased with the services provided by IDS. As a small buy here/pay here dealer, my business blossomed to the point where I have expanded to another lot with more bank financing and much more.
-Kansas City, MO
Internet Dealer Services (IDS) is a one stop shop company for used auto dealers, providing business products and business services all within one company. We provide “Business & Web Services. Our core product is our very own Dealership Inventory Web System. Our vision is to provide the used automotive dealer with all the necessary tools needed to impact their industry both internally and with customers. Through strategic relationships creating opportunities for our clients that will guarantee increased sales now.
Floor Plan AssistanceWe’ll put you in a situation where you’ll be able to finance more cars for your automotive business. Which gives your business the strength it needs to give you operating flexibility, and allows you to purchase better inventory for your car lot.

D&B Credit Builder We assist dealers in building their business credit up in a matter of weeks. The D&B D-U-N-S number is the industry standard for keeping track of the World’s businesses. It’s required by major financial institutions, corporations, trade associations and more. It’s important that your businesses have a DUNS, and that your company’s DUNS profile is accurate and up-to-date. ESTABLISH your credibility today. We positioning your business to have its own credit score with no personal guarantees involved. Our D&B credit builder puts you in position to increase cash flow and drive increased profitability. Using your business credit will build your company’s credibility and eliminate the negative impact that comes with being a personal guarantee. Many financial experts would urge you to personally guarantee a business loan only as a last resort. After all, if your business goes belly up, you stand to lose major personal assets.

Credit Restoration For Owner Or One Selection Chosen By Owner Since we are an advertising partner with Franklin & Sutton LLC. Credit Restoration Services we will pay for one individual of you’re choosing to get their credit fixed for free. This proven company is result based driven, and excel using word of mouth marketing.

Continuous Search Engine Optimization The process of improving the visibility of your web site in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL) via the organic or algorithmic search results. The higher your web site is in the major search engines the more frequently your site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. This process gives your web site its web presence. Hardly anybody uses the phone book anymore the internet is the new 411 for everybody.

Automotive Bank Financing SolutionsWe understand that most customers come to buy a car but can’t get financing. We’ll assist you in getting set up to have the best finance companies serve your car-buyers to drive cars off your lot.

Inventory Websites, Automotive Data & Photo Marketing Need a website or an inventory plug-in for your automotive website instead of information page. We offer you the IDS inventory system or just plug ours into your existing website.

Automatic Archiving IDS is integrated with Frazer Computing Software To Manage All Automotive Data including Frazer Backup Software. Even if you have lost your website completely, we still have ways to download a site from the Wayback Machine and recover your old website.

Facebook For Dealers – Social Media Marketing Facebook a social network service and website has over 500 million active users, which is about one person for every fourteen in the world. Facebook has a lower clickthrough rate for advertisements than most major websites which is a plus when advertising. Facebook’s level of customization is second to none in the social networks it allows your business to present profiles that include photos, videos, contact information, and other crucial business information. Advertise your business around the world. Gain access to mobility, and 500 million potential customers with IDS.

IDS Facebook Twitter For Dealers – Social Media MarketingHave twitter fans follow you and have your news from Facebook users connect and become informed on your dealership activities. Whenever you have specials, news, hot deals. Let your facebook community know about it. Gain access to mobility, and 500 million users with IDS.

Car Shoppers Online ApplicationsAfter a customer has found their selection or wants to work with your business to take action of becoming a customer. Your dealership will have a secure online application that allows them to enter their information and submit it directly to you electronically.

Google integration Receive access online, create business logo with an online tool tied into all of your business including your file access, marketing advertising communications, and much much more. Get your company emails, access our dealers community, form collection, dealer community, credit applications.

IDS System IntegrationThe IDS system is intergrated with many resources such as major search engines, DMS system software, and other automotive market places.

Craigslist Posting ToolSet up your craigslist account, click on post under slected city and copy paste your code from IDS to and get your ad generated from customers traffic from. is the ultimate online solution for buying and selling new, certified and used cars. site is designed to give you more control of the buying process and make finding a vehicle easier than ever before. Great news is that you can manage your inventory through IDS with your login access and your account number with So that all of your cars can be synchronized. Visited by more than 10 million car shoppers each month, is the leading destination for online car shoppers, offering credible and easy-to-understand information from consumers and experts to help buyers formulate opinions on what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay for a car. With comprehensive pricing information, side-by-side comparison tools, photo galleries, videos, unbiased editorial content and a large selection of new- and used-car inventory, puts car buyers in control of their shopping process with the information they need to make confident buying decisions. Manheim was established more than 65 years ago as a wholesale vehicle auction operation. Today, with more than 30,000 employees in 130 operating locations worldwide, Manheim is the world’s largest provider of vehicle remarketing services. In 2009, Manheim handled nearly 10 million used vehicles, facilitating transactions representing more than $50 billion in value. Vehix delivers a one-stop automotive shopping experience. offers local new and used car listings, car reviews, informative articles and videos, and best-in-class research tools.

Desktop Support If you are having trouble with your site management, or any of the programs that have to do with IDS, we will be more than happy to help you correct this problem. We set up a time to do a virtual conference where we fix the problem on your computer right in front of you. While we are repairing the problem, you can ask us any questions you may. Get Tool We Use Here.

Coaching CallsYour success is our goal. When your sales and profit margins increase, we have are doing our job. To ensure that this increase is being put into action, we will hold coaching calls with you and/or your colleagues to ramp them up. Benefit from higher conversion in sales, while at the same time augmenting strengths and elminatinging their weakness in relation to automotive sales.

Internet Customer Leads Success is a reward that is not easily obtained in today’s market. Therefore, you cannot afford to sit and let it come to you by luck of chance. We believe and know that you have to work hard for leads! IDS will distribute leads to your place of business constantly for you and your team members to contact and make the sale happen immediately.

Website AnalyticsFor you to understand how your site is doing and how much exposure its getting we provide a solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Internet Advertising ManagementWe will manage your advertisement campaign by providing you with different strategies, materials, and if you prefer IDS will execute the campaign for you. The package we provide for you will be customized for your objective.

Merchant Services Merchant ServicesEvery business needs a merchant account. Many people are carrying less cash and doing business with credit cards. IDS can have you set up with a merchant account within a week and you can begin accepting all major CC soon afterwards.

Cash AdvancesIf you need physical marketing material, we will be able to provide that for you also. Different companies market to different demographics and may or may not need physical material. However, dealers deal with customer’s everyday face to face and physical marketing material is necessary as well as online.

Marketing MaterialsIf you need physical marketing material, we will be able to provide that for you also. Different companies market to different demographics and may or may not need physical material. However, dealers deal with customer’s everyday face to face and physical marketing material is necessary as well as online.

Marketing Plans We will customize a marketing plan for you, and design it for the demographics you choose.

Strategic DevelopmentEvery business is unique the secret to longevity is due to the implementation and development of positive strategies that produce a paradigm shift to the way you organize, plan, research and manage your business. IDS strategic development individual company plans are always realistic and easy to implement. We are committed to providing services and products that generate positive financial, community, and environmental returns.

Dealer Webinars You will be able to join free webinars with us to keep you updated on our services, programs and general questions or concerns you may have. These webinars will be held with multiple dealers, so that advice and discussions can take place that can offer a great advantage you and your business.

Email MarketingConnect and stay connected with your prospects and customers with email marketing. When you have a potential customer walk through the door, collect their email and add them to your email list. You will then be able to keep in contact with them and keep them updated on specials, services, and new programs you are offering.

Website HostingWe don’t go through third party servers so you don’t have to worry about your site being down anytime. Our clients expect nothing but the finest and provide nothing but the finest. The website hosting we supply makes it very easy for you manage.

News Letters The Newsletter goes out at the beginning of each month and is an excellent resource for all prospects and customers, and members of your community, new and longstanding, who are interested and want to stay up to date with your dealership’s happenings across the US.

Business Referrals We Refer Dealers To Other Companies we feel are beneficial to our dealer’s future success.

**On Site Training** We are so adamant, and confident we can bring success to your business we will come out to your dealership and help you in person. This service is part of our VIP service that we offer. Please speak to your rep about details.


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