3 Best Gambling Hosting Providers

Featured Image 3 Best Gambling Hosting Providers - 3 Best Gambling Hosting Providers

If you are running a gambling site like online casino Ireland, then having a good hosting provider is vital. You will lose valuable customers if you cannot maintain the website properly.

A good hosting provider will ensure that the site runs smoothly even when there is high traffic. It will provide good customer service all the time. Here are the best gambling hosting providers for your site.


This company is based in the Netherlands. It provides off-shore secured web-hosting services. It has low-cost hosting plans which many companies can afford. The best feature of this hosting provider is data privacy.

In gambling, people want to stay anonymous and as monetary transactions are involved data privacy is important. They follow the Netherland government’s data privacy protocol and also their data security regulations.

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This company provides primate email servers to clients along with regular hosting services. They offer anonymity throughout and there is no way that any third party will get their hands on the private information of the customers.

They have a versatile VPS hosting plan. They conduct payment through Bitcoin or Paypal, so monetary transactions are safe.


This hosting company is located in the US; however, their private data centres are located in various parts of the world including Singapore, the Netherlands, and India as well. They provide both VPS and Shared Hosting.

They also provide additional services such as SSL certificates, SEO Hosting, and others. They provide 99.99% uptime, so you can run your online casino business smoothly. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These hosting services provide the best round-the-clock customer service. You can consider having these hosting providers for your online casino business, provided that you maintain the regulations of your area.